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Why Intelligent Spatial Analysis is Key to Creating Intelligent Places

Intelligent Places, Spatial Data, MKThink, RoundhouseOne
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MKThink creates intelligent places. Our team of expert problem solvers consists of designers, architects, strategists, and behaviorists dedicated to creating better places through innovation, strategy, and architecture. In carrying out our mission to build less and solve more, spatial data and its intelligent analysis are essential to creating intelligent places.

What is an Intelligent Place?

MKThink, Intelligent Places, Spatial Data, RoundhouseOne
Better Market Street Initiative

An intelligent building is "a dynamic and responsive architecture where the building fabric, space, service, and information systems can respond efficiently to the initial and changing demands of the owner, the occupier, and the environment" (Arup Citation 2003). An intelligent place isn't just the space between the walls of a building; it can be a street, outdoor space, or corner where people frequently gather.  

How to Create an Intelligent Place

MKThink, Intelligent Places, Spatial Data, RoundhouseOne
University of Hawaii Manoa Framework

Creating intelligent places demands a comprehensive understanding of the space, its occupants, and all factors influencing its functionality. Essential to MKThink's success in creating intelligent places is the collection and analysis of spatial data. Such data translates environmental, structural, and human conditions into information that guides design, removing guesswork and creating room for innovative solutions. MKThink specializes in solutions for learning outcomes, healthy places, systems optimization, community strength, and edge spaces. 

By integrating qualitative and quantitative data—from community and stakeholder engagements to building conditions, space utilization, weather patterns, and human behavior—we generate accurate and defensible insights to inform the best solutions. MKThink collaborates with RoundhouseOne to deliver intelligent spatial analytics by leveraging quantitative data. The RoundhouseOne team ensures rigorous and precise data collection, auditing, gap identification, and comprehensive analysis. Our findings are presented on an accessible, user-friendly platform for client and stakeholder understanding. 

MKThink, Intelligent Places, Spatial Data, RoundhouseOne
Air Angel Edge Rig

Next, the team at MKThink uses this comprehensive data to identify specific strategies for accomplishing every client's goals. Project planning considers how a space can best serve the present needs of the client, space, and people who use it and how it can best adapt for the future. Once approved, plans turn to creation, and the first steps, whether restructuring, renovating, or building, of the intelligent, solution-optimized space take place. 

Examples of Intelligent Places:

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