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Low-Cost, High-Impact
Campus Planning

Leveraging the outdoors to expand STEAM and nature-based learning district-wide


North Monterey Unified School District wanted to build a world class STEAM-based curriculum for its 4,500 Pre-K through 12th grade students. But with its low-income, mostly rural, immigrant population, NMCUSD could not procure the capital funds to renovate, much less build, new learning facilities on any of its seven campuses.


MKThink led a data-driven assessment of the district’s campuses, co-crafted guiding principles, and led a multi-track engagement process to determine the dimensions of campus needs pre and post-pandemic. This revealed the opportunity to expand campus capacity by leveraging the flow, quality, and utilization of outdoor spaces to support STEAM and nature-based learning. MKThink then developed low-cost, high-impact priority projects to generate community excitement while meeting the district’s guiding principles.


By supporting outdoor initiatives, NMCUSD is increasing its effective capacity for instruction by 15% in addition to the 20% indoor instructional capacity increase that is part of the master plan. The plan increases the diversity of spaces at a fraction of the cost of equivalent new buildings. New outdoor learning spaces include: 34 outdoor classrooms, 16 nature play areas, 30 interaction spaces, 6 edible gardens, and 11 outdoor STEAM lab extensions. By using ‘living schoolyard’ guidelines, NMCUSD will replace over 5.5 acres of asphalt with permeable surfacing and natural play areas – initiatives that have been shown to provide learning and environmental benefits.


North Monterey County Unified School District


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Moss Landing, CA


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