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Enhanced Engagement for Better Design {at the AIA}

Evelyn Lee, Katie Peksa and Liz Lessig represented MKThink at the 2015 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Convention in Atlanta, GA.  The trio led a hands-on workshop on “Enhanced Engagement for Better Design” to a full house of 80+ colleagues. The session included an introduction and discussion around Experience Mapping, Empathy Mapping, and marketing’s 7


It’s Happening: 826 Valencia is opening in the Tenderloin

It’s Happening: a brand new 826 Valencia, the children’s writing center, with their signature Pirate Supply Store entrance, will soon have another location – this time, in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. It will be the largest of the 826 Valencia locations with 5,200 square feet of space, on the corner of Leavenworth Street and Golden Gate Avenue.

The unveiling of 180 Golden Gate, soon to be 826 Valencia.

AIA Convention 2015: Enhanced Engagement for Better Design

Enhanced Engagement for Better Design Exceptional design begins with engagement. Whether you’re working for one individual or an entire community, it’s critical to distinguish needs from wants, understand vision and motivation, and establish a clear line of communication. How do you make sure you are properly distinguishing their needs from their wants? How do you

Katie Peksa, Liz Lessig and Evelyn Lee

MKThink & The Market Street Prototyping Festival

Over the past six months, MKThink and RoundhouseOne have been collaborating with the San Francisco City Planning Department to monitor and evaluate one block of Market Street during the San Francisco Market Street Prototyping Festival. The team designed, tested, and installed a network of sensors to detect the change in the volume of people on

2015-04-08 11.13.48

MKThink: Enhancing the Urban Environment

MKThink is working with the City of San Francisco to help re-establish Market Street as the premier cultural, civic and economic center of SF. We recently deployed 7 sensor devices at nodes around the ‘Whispering Dishes’ on 4th and Market to investigate pedestrian use patterns.  This will help MKThink better understand and analyze the interactions

MKThink and RoundhouseOne team members prepare to deploy sensors on Market Street

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