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MKThink & The Market Street Prototyping Festival

Over the past six months, MKThink and RoundhouseOne have been collaborating with the San Francisco City Planning Department to monitor and evaluate one block of Market Street during the San Francisco Market Street Prototyping Festival. The team designed, tested, and installed a network of sensors to detect the change in the volume of people on

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MKThink: Enhancing the Urban Environment

MKThink is working with the City of San Francisco to help re-establish Market Street as the premier cultural, civic and economic center of SF. We recently deployed 7 sensor devices at nodes around the ‘Whispering Dishes’ on 4th and Market to investigate pedestrian use patterns.  This will help MKThink better understand and analyze the interactions

MKThink and RoundhouseOne team members prepare to deploy sensors on Market Street

MKThink Collaborative Workplace Environments

Maximizing Utility + Potential in Workplace Environments

Mozilla, San Francisco

On Site // Off Site: Cultivating Dynamic Physical and Virtual Learning Spaces

  On Thursday, March 26, MKThink hosted its second panel in the “Transforming the Built Environment for Education” series, this time choosing to focus the discussion on the dynamic between physical and virtual learning spaces. We brought together educators working across the spectrum of learning, and to students of all ages including K-12 and higher

Audible City: Intern Summer Program 2014

Healthy Cities is a topic that reaches city goers in many shapes and forms. Addressing the definition of a healthy city is a difficult task; an individual’s idea of a healthy city is shaped by their experiences. This past summer, MKThink proposed to its three graduate interns: What is a Healthy City? Kelsey Brennen, Sean

Audible City

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