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Audible City: Intern Summer Program 2014

Healthy Cities is a topic that reaches city goers in many shapes and forms. Addressing the definition of a healthy city is a difficult task; an individual’s idea of a healthy city is shaped by their experiences. This past summer, MKThink proposed to its three graduate interns: What is a Healthy City? Kelsey Brennen, Sean

Audible City

Planning Schools as Teaching Tools

  On Thursday, September 25, MKThink hosted an inspiring panel discussion examining how schools must evolve alongside today’s quickly changing curriculum, technology and students. We brought together folks from very different teaching institutes, to discuss how the brick and mortar schools that students enter every day should be seen as more than just a place


Rethinking Buildings to Heal Patients: The Shift Toward Energy Efficiency in Hospital Facilities

  by Isabel Figueredo, Researcher/ Analyst   How do we maintain satisfaction among a growing patient population while decreasing the immense amounts of energy consumption in hospital facilities? The answer is complicated. Energy consumption is one of the most prevalent problems facing U.S. healthcare delivery. U.S. healthcare facilities spend 8.8 billion dollars on energy annually.


Old & New: Can Contemporary and Historical Architecture Exist?

by Yodai Yasunaga, Innovation Studio Intern In 2007, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Ontario reopened with The Crystal – Daniel Libeskind’s controversial 100,000 square feet extension to the original structure of the museum. The structure is composed of five interlocking prismatic structures made of glass and aluminum on steel frame, and it functions as


Sensors in the City: Finding New Applications for Data Collection

By Will Godfrey, Strategic Analyst Here’s the scenario: Your city determines to improve or change some aspect of one of its neighborhoods and after months of outreach, planning, and building, Street X has, say, wider sidewalks, speed bumps and some benches and trees. The budget’s been used up, the community is generally pleased with the


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