MKThink, the San Francisco ideas company for the built environment, specializes in insight and invention. We integrate research, analysis, design and technical services to provide thoughtful solutions to contemporary issues at the intersection of culture, architecture and the environment. Our work includes long-term strategic planning and new designs for education, community, workplace and healing environments. Led by principals with over 70 years of collective experience, we are architects, business strategists, designers, behaviorists, organizational developers, researchers, software engineers, and urban planners. Interdisciplinary methods reveal untapped opportunities, facilitating strategic and cost-effective decisions, for premier educational, corporate, non-profit, and healthcare institutions. Existing facilities are transformed into assets that fully support our clients’ missions and goals. We deliver smart, innovative solutions that expand the idea of what is possible.

A multi-disciplinary team of architects, designers, ethnographers, analysts, technologists, storytellers makes up MKThink’s Strategy Studio. They apply human-centered design and a systems-thinking approach to solve performance-related business problems. The discovery process involves qualitative and quantitative research and actively engages client stakeholders to uncover interconnections within the business ecosystem. The resulting solutions align people with process and place to drive efficiency and fuel growth.


intelligent solutions

We materialize the nexus between people, organizations and their environments. Specifically, we conceive impactful, value-first environments that align each organization’s critical assets – people, programs, mission & message.  We design these places and spaces to be highly responsive to a wide variety of essential organizational needs by leveraging spatial relationships and functional requirements to best optimize human and organizational performance.  We actualize our solutions as cost effective, high-performance environments that have the ability to lift the human spirit while respecting the natural settings in which they are placed.
Employing key findings from MKThink’s Strategy and Innovation platforms, we scenario-test, visualize and assess spatial ideas to allow each organization to evaluate options as measured against mission-critical success factors.  Through this process the highest value solution is transformed into brick-and-mortar actuality. We employ a broad range of creative and technical experts who apply their skills to deliver architectural solutions that are recognized by their creativity and valued by our clients.
MKThink’s Innovation Studio is a dynamic center dedicated to the research incubation, and enterprise of next-generation technologies and practices related to the built environment.
We discover means to transcend systemic inefficiencies of traditional building to align with today’s post-industrial economy. We utilize our organizational and creative talents to correct and capitalize on these inefficiencies by applying successful analytic and technological precedents from parallel industries.
The brainchild of MKThink founder and CEO Mark Miller, Innovation Studio is comprised of a network of industry specialists poised at the crossroads of today’s relevant issues: Environmental Management, Economic Sustainability, and Social Connectivity. By combining established expertise with the agility of a boutique think tank, the studio minimizes new venture risk, while providing an effective starting point for original ideas.
As much of the studio’s work is proprietary and confidential, we encourage direct contact to learn more.