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How MKThink Designs with the Earth in Mind

At MKThink, we create intelligent places. Our practice closely examines the built environment and how people interact with a space, whether a building, campus, or street. To celebrate Earth Month, here is some insight into how we design with the environment in mind. 

Traditionally, when resolving challenges concerning the built environment, most architects and developers look to "build more" as an answer. In the context of our growing and urban-migrating population, the need for more buildings and space is increasingly imminent. However, the materials, energy, and natural resources used to construct these buildings have a steep dollar price and an even steeper environmental price. 

Here is a quick breakdown of the environmental impact of the building industry.

MKThink, Construction
Photo Courtesy of Bim on iStock

  • Construction and demolition waste accounted for 30 - 40% of the total solid waste stream globally in 2022. (Science Direct)

  • The building industry is responsible for 40% of the world's CO2 emissions (European Commission)

At MKThink, we aim to "build less, solve more." We realize this by looking to innovation and data to optimize spaces and resolve challenges. Drawing from the principles of adaptive reuse, we create intelligent places through data-informed strategic planning, design, and architecture that effectively use existing spaces to eliminate the need to build more. When building more is necessary, projects follow Lagom to create the best with less. In many cases, our impact is felt rather than seen. What may not present as a picturesque building is instead the increased productivity and well-being of the people who frequent the spaces we create.

See our work with the University of Hawai'i Manoa to learn how a campus can support 10% enrollment growth while saving $600 MM in avoided construction cost. 

See our work with Stanford's Lucile Packard Children's Hospital to learn how we increased capacity by 12% without adding square footage. 

See our work with the Emeryville School District to learn a community center helped a struggling school district best serve its students with limited space and funds.

See more projects here.

Interested in reducing your environmental footprint with an intelligent space? Contact us at OFFICE@MKTHINK.COM. 


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