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Celebrating the Women of MKThink

MKTHINK, Women, Cristina Greavu Pieres

In honor of International Women's History Month, we want to highlight the fantastic women driving the success of our work at MKThink.

Cristina Greavu Pieris - Director of Strategy 

As a leader of the strategy practice at MKThink, Cristina is passionate about helping her clients and their communities achieve positive outcomes, whether in the domain of community strength, healthy places, or learning outcomes. She works seamlessly across disciplines, blending architectural know-how with strategic thinking at the campus and urban scales. Her project experience includes master plans for school districts, data-driven optimization and sustainability action plans for higher education clients, design guidelines for public institutions, and several award-winning architectural projects that span research, education, performing arts, and community spaces.

Archana Ramachandran - Director of RoundhouseOne

Archana Ramachandran, MKThink

As the Director of RoundhouseOne, Archana leads innovation, leveraging her distinctly diverse background and experience in technology and analytics to deliver reliable, accurate, and relevant information to clients. She focuses on building technology that maps the relationship between people and spaces to advance the environmental and design intelligence of physical real estate.

Odile Schlossberg - Design Associate

Odile Schlossberg, MKThink

Odile Schlossberg is an experienced multi-disciplinary architectural designer who proudly enjoys creating, making, and designing across scales. Her drive to strengthen the connection between people and nature envisions spaces as beautiful, educational, and inspiring places from sea to summit. ​Inspired by functional, well-crafted, thoughtful design, Odile draws inspiration from her recreation activities. From yacht design to building systems and furniture, she is passionate about discovering innovative materials and different uses for performance systems or redesigning day-to-day objects to enhance the user experience.

Lila Edwards - Strategist in Ecopsychology 

Lila Edwards, MKThink

Lila's interdisciplinary education, unique work history, and volunteerism bridge people with place and community. She brings over 15 years of experience working with educational institutions, sanctuaries, national parks, Buddhist temples, and mentor-based programs that navigate island communities throughout Southeast Alaska and the Hawaiian Archipelagos. With MKThink, Lila applies her education and community service experience to strategy and data collection that builds trust in the change process. 


Samiha Dawalbhakta - Data Analyst  

Samiha Dawalbhatka, MKThink

As a data analyst and the in-house Tableau expert at MKThink and RoundhouseOne, Samiha uses her data science background to help realize the company's mission to make places "better." Her techniques drive the optimization of space utilization to reduce carbon footprint and eliminate new construction. She also provides data-backed recommendations for keeping spaces healthy with data analytics on air quality and environmental data.

Janie DeVito - Senior Marketing Specialist

Janie DeVito, MKThink

Janie DeVito is the Senior Marketing Specialist at MKThink. With a unique background in marketing and media in the advertising and F&B industries, Janie brings her performance and brand marketing knowledge to the team. She leads all marketing initiatives for MKThink, RoundhouseOne, and Ocean Plant to support larger business development goals.

Check out our projects page here to see our work at MKThink.


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