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RoundhouseOne Featured in Washington Post

MKThink's data and analytics arm ( conducted research comparing the impact on air quality of gas vs. induction stoves in a residential setting.

RoundhouseOne's feature in the Washington Post

The article features RoundhouseOne's Archana Ramachandran discussing how her team analyzed the impact of gas stoves versus induction cooktops on indoor air quality in a typical residential home in the BayArea.  

Using a combination of Roundhouse One’s Air Angel environmental and air quality sensor networks with Aeroqual’s hand-held NO2 sensors, we captured comprehensive data on indoor air quality and analyzed it using our powerful and proprietary 4daptive analytic engine.

The results? They’re not just numbers and graphs---they’re potential game-changers in the policies governing indoor air quality, setting new benchmarks for what’s considered healthy.

Curious to learn more? Follow the link to discover how Roundhouse One is making places better with clear, accurate, relevant, and defensible insights. #BetterPlaces

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