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Outdoor Learning for the Complete Child - Hillbrook School

Outdoor Learning for the Complete Child - Hillbrook School
Image courtesy of Hillbrook School

Hillbrook School was founded in 1933 on the belief that the environment rather than genetics raises the child. While working on a campus strategy and masterplan effort, MKThink engaged the school community in exploring healthy outdoor learning potential to reinforce the school’s pedagogy, while helping keep the school’s heavily regulated footprint from growing.

In collaboration with our team, the school implemented multiple tactical outdoor projects, including:

- a new outdoor amphitheater, located at the heart of campus beneath a canopy of oak trees. It serves as the central gathering space and deepens the school’s sense of community.

- a science garden adjacent to their chicken coop. It supplements the indoor STEM program at the school;

- and a state-of-the-art K-2 playground. Informed by the latest research in play-based learning, the area features an array of activities that inspire imagination and nurture physical development.

Such healthy outdoor spaces, paired with engaging, challenging yet supported educational guidance are the perfect setting for the comprehensive development of the school’s children.

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