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Planning Re-Set: How Pandemic Era Changes are Catalyzing Space Optimization at UW Bothell

By Cristina Greavu

University of Washington Bothell engaged MKThink in a space assessment and optimization study which investigates how the University can better use its existing campus spaces – including classrooms, labs, offices, study, student services, community spaces, amenities, and outdoor areas -- to support UW Bothell’s institutional vision.

Why now?

The university has made considerable headway on key projects outlined in its 2017 Campus Master Plan. But since 2017 A LOT has changed. As a result, the university is doing the work of reevaluating its old assumptions and turning some of the big new paradigm shifts its community is experiencing into opportunities that support how and where they want to learn, study, collaborate, and engage going forward.

The study will help UW Bothell’s planning team reset its baseline planning assumptions, envision new potential futures, and re-prioritize upcoming planning, design and construction projects where it makes sense to do so.

To learn more about this ongoing project, have a look at its public website here.


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