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Learning Environments: What experts say about post pandemic learning environments?

The pandemic has challenged all of the educational systems to rethink the future classroom. EdTech Magazine posted a recent article called: Post-Pandemic Classrooms: What Will They Look Like and How Will They Be Different?. Let’s look at the highlights of the analysis.

  • Virtual and hybrid learning environments are going to be prioritized: virtual and asynchronous classes allow students to easily adapt the learning schedules with their personal activities.

“Phil Dunn, CIO for Broward County Schools in Florida, mentioned that the flexibility of not having to be in classes from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day allowed them to fit work in around their families’ schedules”.

  • Educational Technology shifts: technology tools are now available for educators to improve online learning, especially in areas like audiovisual, where the quality of cameras and microphones in classrooms allows virtual learning to be more flexible. This permits a greater range of courses to any student who wants to take it without the limits of space and time.

  • Interoperability: Schools are changing to a model of interoperability in which educational systems are starting to integrate software, interactive whiteboard programs, student information systems and others to facilitate teaching and learning.

  • One-to-one devices: Experts say that the return to classrooms will bring another important component, which is one-to-one device programs.

Our teams are working with schools to help them reopen in the way they want to with technology or without. Sometimes schools want to be more tech forward, other times they want tech to be behind the scenes supporting. To find out more please contact us.


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