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Presidio Tunnel Tops Park - Worth The Wait

Photo: Brontë Wittpenn / The Chronicle

By Marijke Smit

Last weekend, my family and I visited the newly opened Tunnel Tops Park in the Presidio. This huge, multi-agency civic works project has been a long time in the making. In fact, back in 2008, MKThink’s new Crissy Field Center helped pave the way for future phases of the project. But I was mostly there to check out the new playground, which is really a marvel in nature-based play, manifesting so many of the essential elements we’ve been incorporating into our outdoor learning and campus design projects for clients like the Marin Country Day School, the North Monterey County School District, and ­­­­­the Hillbrook School. Worth the wait.

See the SF Chronicle article on the Tunnel Tops Park here.


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