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Creating Campus Community Through a Culture of Performance and Play

Hillbrook School was founded on the belief that the environment raises the child and has maintained a long tradition of learning through explorations in nature. Workshops during the campus master planning phase explored the potential for outdoor learning spaces to minimize the campus’ heavily regulated built footprint while reinforcing the school’s pedagogy.

MKThink implemented multiple tactical outdoor projects, including a new amphitheater, science garden, and playground. The amphitheater sits at the heart of the campus beneath a canopy of oak trees. It serves as the central gathering space and strengthens the school’s deep sense of community. A universal access tree house is the focal point of the new primary school playground. Informed by the latest research in play-based learning, the area features an array of activities that inspire imagination and nurture physical development.

The school’s early integration of outdoor learning has enabled an effective return to school during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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