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The Power of Feedback

Confronted with the challenge of a workforce and workspace dispersed across multiple locations, the City of Davis partnered with MKThink to assess their current operations and develop a strategic plan to optimize their space, improve departmental adjacencies, and enhance their service delivery.

MKThink conducted site evaluations, led workshops, and develop stakeholder exercises. The data gathered served as a baseline and reference weighed against our contextual research and analysis, leading to the development of scenarios incorporated in the strategic plan. These deliverables would be made much less applicable and even obsolete without one key factor - frequent client feedback.

Recognizing the power of feedback, MKThink has a unique approach that is strongly founded in a client - consultant collaborative and transparent process. We develop plans that incorporate client feedback to substantiate our analysis, improve relevancy, and eventually gaining more stakeholder buy-in.

Read more MKThink’s engagement with the City of Davis on strategic optimization of space here. #assetoptimization #community

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