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Stanford Law School Commences Crown Quad Renovation

Core Classroom Modernization to Enrich the Student Experience

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA October 2022– Prioritizing the need to provide the best in-person educational environment for future leaders today, Stanford Law School leads the way with the start of a multiphase renovation of its core facilities.


Lead by a prescient academic leadership team, Stanford Law School knew its strength reside in its purpose to educate through a physical place that transcends recent campus disruptions induced by the pandemic. This involves investing in their campus so it could best serve a global and highly diverse legal education community a healthy on-campus environment that also reaches globally. This means substantially renovating the 45-year old 80,000 sf Crown Quad, three connected buildings for another era’s pedagogy that is now significantly mis-aligned with the Law Schools Vision and needs.

The approach will be a multiphase renovation and possible addition to achieve programmatic goals in an environment that priorities health and sensory alignment with contemporary education needs with a special emphasis on ethical material sourcing and construction practices.

The first part of construction has commenced with renovated rooms coming on line in January 2023. The focus of this early stage is to promptly provide improved facilities for entering and current students as well as to make way for future improvements.

Highlights include a dynamic tiered seat room for 300 participants that converts among modes as a 300 seat presentation theater, a classroom for 72 students and a breakout space for users ranging between 30 – 300 participants.

This is made possible by custom design seat developed in collaboration with the Law School, MKThink designers and Figueras seating.

About MKThink

MKThink Creates Intelligent Places to improve the quality of life. We integrate Innovation, Strategy and Architecture to Create achieve this goal. Our value comes through helping our clients Build Less while Solving More by evaluating, renovating and reusing existing built environments to achieve future forward solutions that support Community Strength, Health Places, Learning Outcomes and Systems Optimization. We focus on places that experience Edge Conditions to help solve exposed, critical challenges sensitively. Founded by professional service veterans Mark Miller, Steve Kelley and Nate Goore in 2000, MKThink practices from the Pacific Edge of San Francisco and the Oceanic Edge of Oahu. We are increasing exploring the Atlantic Edge from the DownEast coast of Maine. Learn more at

(Call to Action): Learn more about MKThink’s presentation of Ocean Plant here and MKThink’s innovation of the 4Daptive Spatial Intelligence Platform here.

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