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Ocean Plant: Not Your Average Office Space

"ECO. SURF. COFFEE… office space?" - A visitor’s description of Ocean


Ocean Plant, MKThink
Ocean Plant - Photo Courtesy of Nat & Cody

MKThink's California office, better known to the community as the Ocean Plant (OP) coffee shop, overlooks the physical edge of San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean. The three-story, community-strength solution strives to create a hub where members of the Richmond district come to foster connections, share thoughts, and find productivity among their neighbors. OP is the manifestation of a better place, the culmination of MKThink's goal to create better places and RoundhouseOne's mission to make places better. 

On OP as a community strength solution, Mark Millier, FAIA Principal of MKThink and part of the team behind OP’s realization, notes; 

“…through design and hosting of community programming, located where urban meets rural, land meets the sea, digital meets analog, fragile resource meets high demand, and old meets new, we hope to achieve improved understanding through participation with the less-forgiving criteria of the edge to discover truly sustainable places.” 

Blue Economy 

Ocean Plant, MKThink, Shop
Shop at Ocean Plant - Photo Courtesy of Nat & Cody

Ocean Plant’s commerce reflects the ideals of those who frequent the space. Surf accessories and boards, eco-conscious goods, ethically-made snacks, air plants, ferns, and wafts of locally brewed Anytown Coffee and pastries invite customers and community members to stay, browse, and work. OP carefully crafts space to bring ocean lovers together, support ocean-centered businesses, and participate in the blue economy, “the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods and jobs, and ocean ecosystem health” (World Bank).

Blue Productivity

MKThink, Office
MKThink Offices - Photo Courtesy of Nat & Cody

Today, as the word “coffee shop” has become synonymous with remote work office space, OP harnesses the turbulence of the water's edge to fuel the productivity of coffee shop workers and MKThink employees. Two sets of stairs separate MKThink’s office from the community members below, creating a fluid boundary, frequent interactions, and an atmosphere of cohesion among individual endeavors. The shared air and ocean view bridge a contagious buzz of productivity,

OP is also productive in its vision to motivate ocean awareness and explore the development opportunities of OP's sister companies, MKThink and RoundhouseOne. At the monthly salon series, events, including discussions, panels, and gatherings, delve into topics like humanity's relationship with the ocean, architecture, spatial intelligence and tech, and more.

Blue Community 

MKThink, Ocean Plant, Salon Series
Salon Series Event at Ocean Plant

OP revolves around the Ocean Beach community, an eclectic crew of passionate ocean lovers. No matter the relationship, the shared ocean neighbor nurtures a sense of blue community in San Francisco’s Sunset District. OP offers a space to gather, connect, and support those who live, work, and thrive in the neighborhood. Learn more about OP’s local coffee brewers and shop items here.  

Want to learn more about OP? Stop by at 800 Great Highway, or visit the OP website and Instagram


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