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Lunch in the Hallway?

Corridors, balconies, elevator lobbies, and staircases function more than mere circulation – at least at the Golden Gate University’s 536 Mission campus. These in-between spaces transformed into study porches, student commons, and social hubs as part of MKThink’s One University campaign with the university.

The campaign, an evergreen master planning initiative, aligns the university’s long-term academic goals with its vision of a highly efficient, downtown San Francisco campus.

Since 2012, MKThink has led the campaign using a blend of a user-centric and a data-informed approach.

In-depth facilities assessments, utilization and occupancy studies, movement tracking, user interviews, and experience design are among the many mechanisms MKThink has employed to meet the campaign’s objectives and uncover the many opportunities within the ‘70s-era campus building.

Introducing creative, multiple uses in these otherwise overlooked building thoroughfares represent just one of them.

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