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How Smart Environments Will Take Shape Post COVID-19

A recent article in IOT World Today looks at how COVID-19 is refocusing the role of smart technologies from energy savings to health issues such as social distancing validation and air quality. From the report:

“...we are now seeing an increased focus on the use of smart environmental sensors that track noise, light, CO2, particulates and volatile organic compounds in the workplace.”

At MKThink we're developing creative processes and tools to develop intelligent places that are healthier and more fun/productive/inspiring for people to be in. Currently, we're working with independent schools across California to install our Air Angel environmental sensors to better understand the air/thermal/light/noise quality of their teaching environments. To learn more about that effort visit us at

Additional areas of increased focus mentioned by the article:

  • Smart Air Purification

  • Smart Air Heating

  • Targeted, Robotic Cleaning

  • Spatial Density Measurements

  • Touch and distancing detection

To learn more about MKThink’s work in developing smart environments, or spatial intelligence, please reach out to Signo Uddenberg at to learn more.

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