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Healthy Places and Wellness: The Essential Things for the Return to Workspaces

According to an article from GlobeSt, there are some essentials that workspaces should consider for the return to work or hybrid models: corporate gardens, outdoor areas, and water features. Chuck Schreiber, CEO and co-founder at KBS, believes that people should return to their offices but what is important is how those office spaces can convince them to do so. The key for this relies on showing how these spaces are healthy and promote their well-being.

In this sense, features such as gardens, outdoor areas and water features have become incredibly popular during the pandemic for their sense of well-being and can be the key to the pleasant return of employees. “Since the pandemic, health and wellness have become top priorities for office users, said Mr. Schreiber”.

According to the article the amenities should include:

  • Biophilia (plants and natural lighting).

  • Corporate gardens, water features and landscaping.

  • Upgrade of HVAC systems that sanitize indoor air more effectively

  • Include protocols that reinforce social distancing to reduce viral transmission.

KBS is in the top of companies that recently committed to invest on class-A office space in its client’s portfolio to “achieve the UL Verified Healthy Building Mark for Indoor Air”.

Other considerations to take into account are: concierge services and on-site gourmet dining options. To incorporate the hospitality model to the workspaces and corporate places is a new rising trend, by doing so, these areas turn more into a social club rather than a “normal workplace”. These features will satisfy the necessity that people developed after the pandemic of looking for a “socializing aspect” in every activity they commit to.

At MKThink we are also looking at how places can adapt to our evolving needs over time and how those spaces are designed considering factors such as sustainability, wellbeing and safety.

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