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Fewer Days in the Office -- Peak Occupancy Falls From 60% to 40%

A recent article in wtopNews interviewed a moving and logistic specialist about the future of workplace post-pandemic. Among other thoughts, she notes that peak occupancy is falling from an already low level of 60% down to 40%. It's amazing to think that we invest all this money into our buildings just to achieve a 40% occupancy level. Compound that with the fact that that occupancy only lasts a couple hours a day. Most of the day it's even lower, falling to 0% at night, which means 20-50% of the occupiable time has no one there. That's about 15-20 years of low-to-no occupancy over the course of a 50 year building life.

At MKThink we work with our clients to better use their spaces. Before they need to build anything more, we assess how they're currently using their space and how they want to grow into the future. We then give them options that can flex with a changing world, while achieving upwards of 80% occupancy levels at a reduced capital and operational cost -- because that money should go to more productive uses, not to buildings sitting half empty.

To read more of the article and how companies are shifting to more outside space, etc., click here. To drop us a note at MKThink, email our CEO at or drop us a note here.


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