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Accelerated Trend: Pandemic Shows an Increased Demand of Low-Rise Office Spaces

Space needs are always changing and even more so as companies look post COVID-19. From temperature checks in lobbies to lines to get in and out of parking garages and elevators and a lack of operable windows and outdoor space, high-rise towers are becoming less popular office environments. People are going back to work and the office market is reactivating. But what are the tenants looking for?

We’ve seen tenants contemplating going from a more high-rise office building to a low-rise campus or free-standing buildings where they feel more comfortable controlling their own destiny and controlling their own space, said Natalie Bazarevitsch, a senior vice president at CBRE Group Inc”.

What makes low-rise buildings so attractive?

  • Common areas with fewer people

  • Separate entrances

  • Combination of indoor and outdoor environments

  • Free control of your space

High-rise buildings can be adapted to satisfy the new user’s needs by adding features that make their spaces safer, for example, terraces and balconies. Chung said some high-rises are even tearing down or pushing back walls to create outdoor terraces.”

But this is not the only new trends in the market. Experts are also noticing that as well as demand for low-rise suburban offices buildings many companies are embracing a ‘hub and spoke' organizational model.

With a hub-and-spoke approach, a company may have one big office space in an area like downtown and smaller satellite offices in more suburban areas near where some employees live. That arrangement gives employees the option to gather at a central hub and to work out of the “spokes” at other times”.

As these trends continue to reshape the workplace environment, we're working to help clients re-optimize their buildings and space portfolio for the future. That might mean getting rid of space you currently have, or reimagining it, or simply rescheduling how your teams use it. Whatever it is, our role is to help you think through it and make the best decisions to match your space to your organizational objectives.


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