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University of Hawai'i at Mānoa


Guiding Hawaii’s flagship campus as a dynamic resource

MKThink developed the Framework for the Future for the University of Hawai‘i Mānoa—a set of principles, metrics, and guidelines to promote a sustainable physical campus which aligns with the university’s strategies and priorities over the next 40 years. The Framework provides the foundation for aligning campus transformation with the 100-year old university’s goals: becoming a Native Hawaiian Place of Learning; enhancing student success; excellence in research; and building a sustainable and resilient campus environment. MKThink also works with the University of Hawai’i on specific capital improvement projects designed to fulfill the goals of the Framework, and supports planning efforts across the entire 10-campus University of Hawai’i system.


DATES: 2015-Present
CITY: Honolulu
STATE: Hawaii
SIZE/SCALE: 320 Acres
MARKET: Higher Education


CHALLENGE: To transform a traditional western-planned campus into a Native Hawaiian Place of Learning against the backdrop of a colonial-era institution. Achieve results within a limited taxpayer funded capital program.
SERVICES: Physical Planning, Vision Development, Scenario Development, Stakeholder Engagement, Long-Range Planning, Capital Improvement, and Planning.
RESULT: A long range plan that supports 10% enrollment growth over 20 years while reducing campus square footage by 1,000,000 sf. Reduction of deferred maintenance backlog by $150M. Cost avoidance of new construction of $600MM. Enrollment growth among native Hawaiian population. 
METRICS OF SUCCESS: Improve classroom utilization from 17 to 30 hours per week. Improve administrative space occupant density by 64%.  Increase usable outdoor space.
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