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San Francisco Zoo


Activating the full potential of a 100-acre campus

MKThink guided the San Francisco Zoo (SFZ) to re-envision its role as a global animal conservation, research, and education center. The Strategic Campus Plan advances the Society’s contemporary mission of Care, Connect, and Conserve by fully activating the 100-acre campus and building upon the zoo campus’ historic core and unique coastal features. With more than a million guests a year, the plan accommodates new animal programs, engage city dwellers with global flora and fauna, raise awareness in animal conservation, connect the campus to the Pacific Ocean, and inspire guests to become champions for conservation of ecosystems. The plan's vision was to create a sanctuary for a range of endangered and displaced northern Pacific and Arctic animals. The plan led to the design implementation of the new animal habitats. 


DATE: 2016-2018
CITY: San Francisco
STATE: California
SIZE/SCALE: 100 Acres
MARKET: Conservation, Education, and Community Space


CHALLENGE: To re-envision the Zoo's role as a global animal conservation, research, and education center with a Strategic Campus Plan.
SERVICES: Strategic Guidance, Visioning, Master Planning, Physical Planning, Programming Site, Design, and Conceptual Design.
RESULT: The plan has led to incremental campus improvement strategies including new community partnerships and multiple, soon-to-open animal exhibits.
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