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Next Level Law School Experience

Re-defining global best practice for inter-disciplinary collaborative law school environments


Over the past 20 years, faculty and staff growth has put pressure on available space on Stanford Law School’s intimate campus, creating unintended barriers for faculty, staff and student collaboration. This inflexible condition was hampering the social and academic experience for students, many of whom had bought into the law school’s brand as an intimate, collaborative academic environment within Silicon Valley. However, campus-wide growth restrictions were limiting the school’s ability to expand.


MKThink conducted an audit and assessment process with robust stakeholder engagement to evaluate the school’s physical, cultural, and environmental assets against its goals for student, staff, and faculty experience. The team explored design possibilities through a Creative Prototyping process, allowing rapid evaluation metric generation and made it possible for the client to actively collaborate on design solutions. To ensure that materials, products, and processes aligned with the schools’ ethical mission, MKThink developed an ethical sourcing framework that informed material and systems selection and the construction process.


Recommended space rightsizing and scheduling improvements are expected to harvest up to 245 hours of additional instruction time per week without the need for new construction. This strategic approach, along with the architectural design solution, re-recaptures effective capacity where spaces are under-utilized, and re-actives existing environments into new multi-use, flexible event and academic spaces. The design allows Stanford Law School to optimize existing space while avoiding costly new construction and approval processes.


Stanford Law School, Stanford University


Space Audit and Assessment
Space Optimization
Architectural Services - Renovation Stakeholder Engagement


Palo Alto, CA


Planning Scope 288,000 SF
Design Scope 16,000 SF


Higher Education


Future Forward Plan 2002
Master Plan Implementation
Crown Quad Architectural Services 2002-2008
Neukom Building Architectural Services 2009-2011
Space Optimization 2019-2020
Architectural Services 2020-Present

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