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MK Enterprise


Green building from a box

A new building concept, the FROG program by MKThink and partners, eventually became a Venture Capital back company and revealed the potential for a new paradigm of building solutions for the building industry. The program pioneered a high-performance alternative to 350,000 classroom trailers designed using state-of-the-art parametric data fabricated using precise engineering technology and operated by computerized spatial intelligence. Success was realized through a series of prototypes and full-use projects in the US and transferred to commercial experts for enterprise production. The FROG approach unleashed a green, fast, high-performance product and integrated building systems field that continues to advance today.


DATE: 2011
CITIES: San Francisco, Harford, Sonoma, Arcada +
STATES: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Washington
SIZE/SCALE: 1,00-10,000 SF
MARKET: Institutional (Health And Education)


CHALLENGE: Set aside traditional architectural methods to engineer a better, faster, green, and less expensive alternative to quick, low-performance modular trailers.
SERVICES: MKThink formed an integrated team of architects, product engineers, environmental engineers, sociologists, analysts and data scientists to create an unprecedented product solution for an architectural challenge
RESULT: Multiple projects for schools, hospitals, and US national parks that are LEED Platinum, completed from PO to occupancy in 4-6 months for 20% less than conventional construction with similar performance specifications.
UPDATE: Multiple projects are still in full service beyond their term and performance expectations. Since 2006, Project Frog has delivered over 400,000 SF of healthy prefab buildings to the education, healthcare, and retail sectors. In partnership with Autodesk, Project Frog offers its pre-fabricated design automation software-as-a-service to the broader AEC industry, connecting Frog’s automated design capabilities with manufacturing at scale.
AWARDS: Tech Crunch Green Building Company of the Year, Modular Building of the Year + others.
PUBLICATIONS: Fast Company + others.
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