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Workplace of the Future is the Perfect Combination of a Coffee Shop, Your Home and the Office

Bloomberg released a publication that analyzes how the workplace of the future should be. The traditional way to work, after the pandemic, is obsolete. New models are emerging to satisfy the new demand of knowledge workers. One of these new projects is called ‘Neighborhood Clubhouse’, which is a work model that exists “somewhere between a coffee shop and a coworking space”.

“Enter the neighborhood clubhouse. I like to describe it as flipping the model of a coffee shop. In a coffee shop, you pay for a drink and then, if the coffee shop is laid out with comfortable seating and tables, you might end up working there for a couple of hours, effectively renting the space for free. In the clubhouse model, you pay a monthly fee — in the case of Switchyards, $50 per month — and then you get a drink for free. Switchyards currently has three locations in Atlanta, two of which are in communities full of creative workers. The idea is to plant locations in people's neighborhoods rather than in traditional office districts”.

This is an ideal model for people that prefer to work outside their house, but at the same time who don’t want to go to a traditional office. Neighborhood Models are the perfect choice to also get to meet people on a regular basis and have a proper space to work. But how is this business useful and works?

“For the clubhouse proprietor, monthly membership fees provide predictable cash flow. And since they're selling memberships rather than reserved spots, they can sell space more than once, the way gyms do, rather than have to divide capacity among dedicated office tenants”.

These types of projects are also a good fit for the redevelopment of larger suburban strip centers to accomodate more remote workers. “Just as large national fast food chains are shifting their focus to drive-through business rather than dine-in, it makes sense for hybrid workers to pay directly for the kind of workspace they want, rather than spending $5 for a coffee and hoping they'll find the kind of work environment they want at the time they want it”.

The challenge now is to rethink how to combine rentability and productivity with a successful business model that fits the new demands of workers. MKThink is working to help clients figure out the right organizational models for them, usually involving a combination of data collection and experimentation to find the right solutions. Learn more by contacting us.


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