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In my Voice: What is MKThink

I was recently asked: “What is MKThink?” Luminous thoughts and bright memories fluttered through my mind darkened by the Corona Virus days. I’ve been with MKThink for years. The memories we have made, the faces and the changes I have witnessed remind me of who I am, of who we are.

Who are we? What a profoundly simple question.

At our core, we are a family… and I am an uncle at a table of curious individuals, eager to learn and complement one another. Together we share, teach, learn, and dream up solutions for a better world.

We want a world that improves the lives of our clients, our users, and ourselves. Our design process is rich and multi-faceted. It pushes us beyond the boundaries of our own mindsets, leading us to new places, to challenged norms and innovations. We’ve learned along the way that solving is more important than building. So we build less, and solve more, and places become better.

Every day, I learn interesting facts from my fellow thinkers, which in turn make me think afresh. I remember my earlier experiences, which might call up a solution to a current problem, connecting the past with the present. Or it might create something entirely new. Learning doesn’t always come from textbooks; we learn from each other.

In essence, we are greater than the sum of our parts…

WeWork: Unique waterproofing detail solution, allowing for a level transition from open lobby space to new outside deck. The transition required a drainage tray with metal grate.

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