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Sensors and customization will drive the return to the office

A recent article in Architecture Daily looks at how sensors and comfort surveys will play an important role in bringing people back to the office.

“After a year of living in spaces where they have a high level of personal control, returning building occupants will likely bristle at the standard one-size-fits-all method of building operations. Occupants will desire their offices to accommodate their comfort needs, and building owners will have to provide safe and comfortable spaces to draw people back. Comfort surveys and applying the data collected to building operations will be crucial for navigating the shift in comfort expectations.”

While some employers have considered the idea of keeping employees working remotely, there is a big possibility that in several industries the return to the office is imminent. But how do we create safe places and environments to keep employees happy and secure?

The answer to the question in part lies in the ability to measure our spaces. Data given by pre and post occupancy sensors is key to determine how spaces perform when occupied and how to adjust them. Technology and sensor systems can provide design teams and clients objective information regarding the impact that the environment has on human health.

“Sensor information can translate into practical solutions such as the ability to light specific areas rather than entire office floors. Such data could also help establish staggered work schedules so that not all employees have to share the same space at the same time. With multiple devices placed in a room, employers can make nuanced adjustments to improve the comfort, health, and safety of their workers. ”

MKThink is working with sensors in all of its projects to have good information to drive decision-making. Learn more by contacting us. Or to read more about today's article, click here:

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