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Return to Work - or Not?

The problem of how a post-pandemic workplace functions is one we are addressing with many of our client partners. It is a complex problem, spanning issues of physical place, technology, policy, and human behavior.

Many organizations consider their employee base a constant when developing future-of-work solutions. Discussions revolve around manager preference for in-person work vs. staff preference for remote work, how large of a technology stipend should we give remote workers, how should we reconfigure our office space to support collaborative activity.

But what if staff donʻt plan on returning - in person or remotely?

A recent global survey by McKinsey and Co. identified a trend that is changing the calculus for return-to-work decision making. Attrition is increasing across industries, and isn't showing any signs of slowing down.

Of particular note, the option to work remotely is fueling a significant percentage of "relocations" - people taking jobs in different cities from where they currently live:

For the full study results please visit

We can use this information to help reshape our solutions to focus on staff retention and acquisition. By redefining the problem we are developing solutions that will build a stable, productive, and resilient workforces.

MKThink works at the intersection of people, place and environment. As we encounter unanticipated externalities we re-think these relationships. Let us work with you to examine your possible futures and how you can play an active role in shaping it. To find out more, contact us.

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