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How Urban Design can Improve Communities?

How Urban Design can Improve Communities?

Urban Planning and design have an important value when it comes to community. The Edward J. Boustein School of Planning and Public Policy hosted different panel discussions to talk over the key role of spatial planning to cover the needs of various social and cultural heritages. Design needs to be about people, the investment on the environment is important, but in order to create community, the center of every plan or action must take in consideration either people in the space or the cultural and social background of a community.

“Charles T Brown, a senior research specialist with the Alan M- Voorhees Transportation Center (VTC) points out the importance of social history, allowing for an understanding of why gentrification happens and how it devastated or completely nullified the traditions of each area”.

What are the areas in which design needs to focus in order to create community?

  • Safety: cities need safer spaces for different demographics.

  • Integration: design values should take in count current forms of segregation and disparity.

  • Security: structural security in the resources have to be on the core of design.

  • Culture and History: design and urban planning most preserve and cohabit with the heritages of a community.

At MKThink we use a collaborative Design-Thinking process, reinforced with data that we collect on human behavior and environment, to help you to find solutions that improve the quality of life of your communities.

To read more about panel discussions about ‘Designing Value -- The impact of design’ click here

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