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How to Optimize and Promote Healthy Buildings Through Technology and Data Analysis

According to Buildings Magazine, there is some important things to think about in our future regarding the improvement of life quality. There is some essential areas that need to be taken into account in order to optimize design and space planning: Healthy people, related to air quality, environmental personalization, and better security for the people in their houses; Healthy places about using building systems containing high levels automation including preventive maintenance, integrate controls; and Healthy planet which means building reducing carbon footprint.

Buildings Magazine emphasizes on how owners and operators are managing new technologies and data analysis capabilities to ensure healthier people, places, and planet.The question that needs to be addressed is: How to be a building operator that promotes appropriate goals while achieving customer satisfaction and sustainability expectations?

According to the article there are many tools and strategies to achieve health in homes and offices such as: sensors, streams of data and automatization in operations and other services. It is important for owners and operators to consider the following basic concepts to ensure healthy people, places, and a healthy planet:

  • Recognize the Power of Data: the central element of any healthy building is the essential contribution that data reveals to develop intelligent predictions to achieve productivity, efficiency, and sustainability in new buildings. It is important to standardize data so that it can be rationalized through a centralized operations platform, the information comes from a variety of systems and is analyzed to maximize efficiency. In this sense “Brick Schema is an ideal data normalization method for as-built environments”.

  • Understand the Value of a Digital Twin (DT): Usually, digital twins are applicated to show the past and present state of products or systems and them answering “what if questions” to visualize buildings systems in use, define assumptions through predictive analytics, troubleshoot issues and manage complexities.

  • See the Link Between Personalization, Safety and Occupant Satisfaction: This point is about the satisfaction and health as critical factors to productivity, meeting business goals, and creating an overall healthy environment that retains the best talent. The most important ways that building owners or operators can serve their customers are: Addressing comfort needs (preferred temperature, sound, and lighting levels); Amplifying safety (face recognition, phone as badge or fob-tracking technology); Supporting interaction (easy booking of collaboration spaces, finding teammate desks, and calendar synchronization promote further connection and innovation).

  • Gather Occupant Data to Improve Operations: Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to do activities such as self- training to respond situations better and use resources more efficiently. This technology is monitoring occupant activities to learn how the space is used, adjusting system settings to adjust on future needs.

At MKThink we're developing technologies and strategies to help clients optimize their resources for the future.


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