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How to Increase Office Occupancy with Sensors and Space Design?

EIN PressWire recently posted about a collaboration between Disruptive Technologies, HeadsUp and the global coworking provider Spaces. The three companies are monitoring occupancy and looking to implement different strategies in order to maximize office space use. Spaces focus on the creation of creative office environments for innovators, forward thinkers and game-changers that look for comfortable and stylish spaces to work, meet and collaborate. But it has had a hard time understanding how its spaces are being used.

“Up until now, Spaces had little insight. That all changed when HeadsUp & Spaces installed 50+ Disruptive Technologies temperature sensors under tables and chairs in the Hague’s famous Red Elephant (Rode Olifant) building. The sensors pick up changes in body temperature and quickly provide insight into space occupancy and how often their meeting rooms, co-working spaces, desks, and chairs are being used, and how”.

They receive key insights like how hard wooden chairs, for example, were not used as much as more comfortable office chairs. This input helped improve material and furniture utilization by 30%. Data driven design can have a huge impact on and influence occupancy and optimization.

What are the highlights of the testing?

  • Effective office design is occupancy-driven

  • Sensor data helps you “listen” and understanding your tenants & employees

  • Easy optimization of your space can be done with non-invasive sensor technology

“Armed with insights, you can be confident that any changes you make to your office layout and functionality will reflect how your employees or tenants behave, providing them with an optimized space that they might not have even been aware they needed,” said Bengt Lundberg, Disruptive Technologies CEO.

At MKThink we're developing technologies and strategies to help clients improve spatial intelligence in order to create productive and safer environments. To learn more about how MKThink helps organizations strategize their future, please contact us.


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