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How MKThink Practices Human-Centered Design

Human Centered Design, MKThink, Air Angel

Human-centered architecture is a solution-based approach to optimizing the relationship between people and the spaces they occupy and requires a holistic understanding of a space's intended users. Research on this relationship reveals that architecture and urban design create physiological responses that impact people's well-being, health, and behavior. When practiced effectively, human-centered design meets community needs and can even enable global health equity

MKThink is "a future-forward consulting practice innovating at the intersection of architecture, culture, and the environment to improve quality of life." A practice based on and aligned with the principles of human-centered design. Projects bring community strength, healthy places, learning outcomes, systems optimization, and edge work (safety, sustainability, resilience) solutions to clients. To best understand the relationship between a space and its user and incorporate human-centered design solutions, MKThink depends on in-depth data collection and analysis with tools like RoundhouseOne's Air Angel. This tool collects environmental data and allows those who use it to know, assess, and then decide how best to occupy, operate, and choose among indoor and outdoor spaces through a comparative data-driven application. The insight from the air angel, coupled with community engagement and a passionate, talented team of designers, informs MKThink's holistic understanding of a space, its users, and surroundings to optimize the spatial experience and fulfill community needs.

Learn more about the Air Angel here

See an example of the Air Angel in action here.


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