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How Fires Are Affecting Air Quality

Wildfires continue to leave significant problems for the west coast. Yesterday, NBC Bay Area reported that Willow Wildfire, which started on june 17th, has burned about 2,400 acres in the area of Los Padres National Forest. This has meant important problems regarding Bay Area air quality.

“A wildfire that forced the evacuation of a campground and Buddhist retreat center has burned more than 3.2 square miles of dry brush in inaccessible terrain on California's central coast, officials said Sunday. The Willow Fire also has sent a lot of smoke drifting up to the Bay Area, causing poor air quality throughout the region”.

The growing intensity of the fire was caused by afternoon winds and dry vegetation according to the Los Padres National Forest. According to San Francisco Gate (SFGate), other concerns about the fire are endangered species and cultural locations.

“The fire pumped out a massive smoke plume that rose high into the sky and was visible from miles away. Smoke from the fire drifted into the San Francisco Bay Area over the weekend and more is expected this week”.

It is necessary to start thinking about strategies to mitigate the negative consequences that forest fires are going to have on air quality in the coming months for the region. MKThink has been a Bay Area leader in helping organizations both measure and mitigate air quality issues, determining where, when and how to open offices, gyms, schools and other key areas affected by wildfire smoke plumes. Stay healthy out there!


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