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Education at the Net-Zero Edge

By Mark R. Miller, FAIA

MKThink provided an industry-changing architecture to respond to immediate user needs quickly and dynamically though an innovative, dark green building kit system on a very fragile natural site - Crissy Field, Presidio National Park, San Francisco Bay Side.


Create an energy-neutral, LEED Platinum Education Facility from contract to occupancy in six (6) months, without site disturbance


Crissy Field Conservancy, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, National Park Service


Replace a beloved natural environment education center in a sensitive site in a natural park, quickly without disrupting the local ecosystem.


Crissy Field is a spectacular park created on the site of a former military airfield along San Francisco Bay. Now recreated into beloved natural ecosystem, any intervention needed to be very sensitive, sit light on the land, be removable without a trace and contribute to the education of a broad range of school children and citizen scientists.


Apply a modular kit, combining a hybrid of pre-assembled components with quick connect site-based construction to achieve purpose-specific, high-performance classrooms that are quick to deploy, green and affordable.


Buildings were assembled and ready for occupancy in less than six (6) months from start to finish. Buildings received LEED PLATINUM status. Energy consumption resulted in demand-side reductions of 25%-40% as compared to San Francisco code standards.

Planned to remain on site for five (5) years, the Crissy Field Center’s mission has been extended indefinitely due to unchallenged popular demand of users and local residents.


LEED Platinum Certification

Modular Building Company of the year Modular Building Institutes Green Building Systems awards

TechCrunch Green Building Company of the Year


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