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COVID and the Acceleration of Smart Environments

A lot has gone wrong over the last year, but there've also seen a lot of silver linings. One of those silver linings is the acceleration of "smart environments" that can sense and respond to the needs of people and environment -- keeping people safe and healthy and reducing resource use.

A recent article in IOT World Today noted how sensor giants like Schneider Electric are working to roll out smart systems in their new factories to reduce waste and keep workers safe and healthy. These tools can target energy savings to hyperlocal parts of a community or even building.

To read more, check out the article here.

At MKThink we've been working on ways to understand what people need out of space, how they perceive that space, and how we can optimize that space to those needs while balancing economy and environment. We lead rapid workshops, deploy sensors and collect data, and run full programs to reinvent the function and experience of place to be amazing. To find out more, drop us a note.


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