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How Sustainable Urban Design can Connect Community and Nature?

Sustainable Urban Design can Connect Community and Nature

The Daily Journal Of Commerce published an article about urban development that narrates a recent initiative carried out by different architects and urban planners to achieve the development of the civic center, located within the city of Beaverton, Oregon.

“Ankrom Moisan — specializing in architecture, interior design, planning and brand — led the public/private partnership between the city and private developers. In collaboration with Place Landscape Architects and UrbanLens Planning, we designed a redevelopment framework plan illustrating how to create a vibrant, transit-oriented, mixed-use, civic center within the city’s Creekside District”.

What motivates this project is to design equitable spaces that relate the needs and aspirations of the Westgate community to the redevelopment plan. They list 6 principles that guided the project:

  1. Connecting people through design and urban planning

  2. Connect existing strengths between Westgate site’s context, history, influences and community aspirations for a new development;

  3. “Plan for success over time by responding to the existing site features and surroundings”.

  4. Redesign experiences around spaces in order to create vibrant streetscapes

  5. Focus on establishing a site identity

  6. Make nature, water and ecology in general visible.

At MKThink we are also working on projects that look to involve urban design and planning with the needs of today such as health and equity. We appreciate the work by Ankrom Moisan, Place Landscape Architects and UrbanLens Planning that promote initiatives that seek to connect urban planning with community and environmental development.

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