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Design Trust Launches a Major Initiative to Empower Community and Public Health Across NYC

Design Trust Launches a Major Initiative to Empower Community and Public Health

The Design Trust for Public Space started an initiative called ‘The restorative City: Building Community Wellness through Public Space’ in which the main purpose is to connect health equity with design and to also include the environment as a key factor for public policies. The main objective is to start receiving and sharing ideas from different sectors or actors to enhance community action through NYC’s five boroughs. The Design Trust for Public Space looks to unleash the potential that NYC spaces have by combining design with factors such as wellness, integration, public health and security.

"There could not be a more urgent time to confront health inequity in New York, a city that has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. The Restorative City considers the potential for public space to increase health equity in meaningful and sustained ways. Marking our nonprofit's 11th RFP cycle, we look forward to supporting and assisting with the implementation of project ideas that will improve health outcomes for New Yorkers and effect citywide change, said Design Trust Executive Director Matthew Clarke”.

Besides receiving open requests for proposals that will empower community actions, Design Trust is also setting up virtual open meetings, starting on May 25, in which designers, health professionals and the public can participate to discuss central topics about the city. As we can see, the future of urban planning and public policies for cities relies on issues like urban design, public space, health and equity, which will lead to better cities for all.

At MKThink we are also working on projects that look to involve urban design and planning with the needs of today such as health and equity. We appreciate initiatives developed by incubators like Design Trust that promote participation and the generation of ideas to improve cities. We look forward to working in collaboration with these groups.

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