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Hillbrook School


Outdated science classrooms transformed into a center for STEM learning

Hillbrook School’s new science center is the epitome of the third teacher—the theory that children develop through interactions—first with adults, second with peers, and third with the learning environment. Whiteboard panels and walls painted with dry-erase paint make every vertical surface writable. Rulers and compasses are embedded in the floor for tactile learning. The ceiling is outfitted with unistrut to display models and student work. The Science Center is an essential tool in advancing the STEM curriculum. The Maker Hub (Fall 2019) is the school’s art and design equivalent. The two spaces operate in tandem to physically anchor the school’s integrated, inquiry-based curriculum.


DATE: 2015
CITY: Los Gatos
STATE: California


CHALLENGE: To create a new science center that reflects the third teacher theory.
SERVICES: Facilities Assessment Programming Conceptual Design Schematic Design Design Development Construction Administration
RESULT:  A center that works to anchor the school's integrated and inquiry-based curriculum.
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