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Animal Welfare Nonprofit


Guiding growth through a transformational urban vision centered around the human-animal bond

What started as a facilities assessment of the organization’s two campuses evolved into a larger campus plan. MKThink served as developer adviser, campus architect, and program manager. Informed by qualitative and quantitative insights, the project team applied a systems thinking approach to develop holistic strategies that fine-tune service delivery and integrate culture across locations and service domains including hospital, rescue, and prevention. The team designed the site to improve staff recruitment and retention, maximize revenue, and engage with the surrounding community.


DATE: 2016-2019
CITY: San Francisco
STATE: California
SIZE/SCALE: 800,000 SF
MARKET: Conservation and Education


CHALLENGE: To help the organization realize mission alignment, long-term financial viability, and community integration.  
SERVICES: Master Planning, Strategic Planning, Conceptual Design, Service Design, and Development Advisory.
RESULT: The process yielded a range of campus development strategies, which introduce mixed-use spaces that can increase land valuation by up to $130M. 
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