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YMCA of San Francisco


Vision aligned with the Presidio Trust and National Park Service

The YMCA has a 150-year legacy of building strong kids, families, and communities. The YMCA of San Francisco was at risk of losing its lease at the Presidio of San Francisco and needed to develop a compelling vision to present to the Presidio Trust (part of the National Park Service) to maintain this prime location. MKThink conducted utilization and occupancy studies, identified core programs, analyzed space needs for program expansion, and mapped out a strategy for managing programs with partner organizations. Informed by the findings, the project team recalibrated the vision, mission, and objectives to align with the geographic context and corresponding expectations. The resulting framework positioned the Presidio YMCA as an anchoring institution whose facilities and programs promote the experience of the Golden Gate Park National Recreation Area.


Date: 2007 - 2009
CITY: San Francisco
STATE: California
MARKET: Community Institution


CHALLENGE: To prevent the Presidio YMCA from losing its lease by providing a compelling vision to present to the Presidio Trust.
SERVICES: Stakeholder Engagement, Visioning,
Master Planning, Programming, and Organizational Planning.
RESULT: Framework that helped the Presidio YMCA keep its lease.
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