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UC Hastings College of the Law

Library Reprogramming

Reinvigorating an underutilized library with new programs

UC Hastings engaged MKThink to develop a multi-phased campus master strategy toward the goal of becoming more competitive in attracting and retaining high caliber students. An imperative of the project was the consolidation of programs and physical assets without compromising the college’s commitment to a superior academic experience. MKThink targeted the consolidation of the school’s existing library from three floors to two. The project team conducted extensive stakeholder engagement and led a in-depth development process to inform the design of a space that serves as a hub for the school’s research and clinical programs and expands student resources.


DATE: 2012
CITY: San Francisco
STATE: California
MARKET: Higher Education


CHALLENGE: To help UC Hastings optimize its expanding foot print within its tight urban campus constraints.
SERVICES: Master Planning, Campus Programming, Conceptual Design, Architectural Design, and Interior Finishing.
RESULT: Consolidate the school's existing library from three floors to two. 
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