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Alemany Farm


by Aaron Stafford, Data Engineer   Nestled between San Francisco's Bernal Heights neighborhood and the roaring 280 freeway sits Alemany Farm, a three-acre agricultural gem bustling year round with bounties of organic vegetables, fruits, native plants, herbs, birds and bees. The herb garden, like the rest of the farm is 100% volunteer powered—a labor of love [...]

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The City as a System: Notes from London and San Francisco


by Rachel Bramwell, Strategist   At their essence, cities are dense agglomerations of diverse functions, systems, people, and activities. From public transportation and road networks, the exchanges of services and goods, and a mix of land uses, cities are dynamic places made up of complex interactions. Kate Ascher’s The Works: Anatomy of a City presents [...]

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The Hope of Urban Informatics


by Ethan Crowther   The world is experiencing the highest rate of urbanization in human history. Half of the world’s population (3.5 billion) lives in cities. That number is expected to double by 2050. And cities in the developing world will account for 96% of the projected growth. Urbanization Rate of Economies (Source: Digital [...]

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From Naval Weapons Station to Mixed-Use Community


Concord Naval Weapons Station (CNWS) is a decommissioned U.S. Navy property roughly 5,000 acres in size, located north of Concord, CA, a suburban city 30 acres east of San Francisco, CA. CNWS was closed by the Navy in 2005, and after 6 years of planning along with community feedback, the city of Concord adopted Concord [...]

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Sustaining the Hive


 by Satchita Melina, Resident Artist    When I think about sustainability the first things that come to mind are the plant and animal worlds that cannot voice their needs or protect their habitats. I chose bees for this image because they are one such creature that has been negatively impacted by human-induced land changes, such [...]

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When Form Follows Function


by Satchita Melina, Resident Artist A play on the modernist architectural principle "function follows form", this image shows how the opposite is just as powerful. When Form Follows Function shows how the design of one's learning environment affects the student's development. In this piece the pyramid-shaped classroom has oppressively morphed the student into a "pyramid [...]

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Sound Bites from Back to School Salon: Spurring Curiosity


MKThink assembled a stellar panel of education professionals for its annual Back-to-School Salon. This topic of this year's salon was Spurring Curiosity. Speakers shared their unique perspectives on ways to excite minds (young and old) and spur their natural curiosity. Sound bites of the highlights:   [masterslider id="55"] Save Save Save Save Save Save Save [...]

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Community and Programs: The Foundation of School Facilities


by Chloe Lauer, Director, Strategic Services Private or public, K-12 or higher education, all educational institutions compete for students. They compete on test scores, rankings, college enrollments and acceptances, student diversity, extracurricular programs, teacher quality, and campus facilities. A state-of-the-art STEM lab or well-equipped Maker Space makes a strong selling point to parents [...]

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