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Stanford University


A Campus Master Plan to define its next era of physical development

Starting in 2019, MKThink began working again with Stanford Law School (SLS) to update MKThink’s 2002 Campus Master Plan to define its next era of physical development. Recent faculty and staff growth, changing facility and staff use patterns, along with new curricular and technology trends, were proving increasingly difficult for the Law School to accommodate within the existing physical framework of the campus. With MKThink, SLS initiated an audit and discovery process to gain qualitative and quantitative insights into the effectiveness of its current space and to identify future-forward opportunities that could be achieved over the next 10 years. Investigations revealed the need to expand facilities as well as right-size and modernized key spaces. SLS prioritized optimizing its current facilities first, with a focus on under-performing portions of Crown Quad, before considering its need to expand. As a result of our findings, Stanford Law School asked MKThink to begin work on its 2020 Crown Quad Master Plan.


DATE: 2019 - Present
CITY: Stanford
STATE: California
SIZE/SCALE:  200,00 SF
MARKET: Higher Education


CHALLENGE: To gain insight into the effectiveness of Stanford's current space and to identify future-forward opportunities. 
SERVICES: Master Planning, Strategic Planning, Visioning, Utilization, and Occupancy.
RESULT: Optimization of current facilities, starting with the Crown Quad. 
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