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Stanford Graduate School of Business


A new and consolidated campus for a world-class business school

In 2002, campus facilities at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) were no longer supporting its teaching methodologies or its reputation as a premier business school. The GSB was under pressure to stay competitive with peer institutions in an economic climate averse to fundraising. MKThink conducted an extensive stay-or-go analysis that assessed the utilization and needs of current facilities. Informed by stakeholder interviews, site observations, and surveys of peer institutions, the project team defined optimal design criteria and space requirements and proposed three strategic alternatives. The GSB opted to relocate its campus on an accelerated schedule. The Knight Management Center, named for the lead donor. Phil Knight, opened its doors April 2011.


DATES: 2005-2008
CITY: Stanford
STATE: California
MARKET: Higher Education


CHALLENGE: To help Stanford's Graduate School of Business plan out updating its campus facilities to support its teaching methodologies.
SERVICES: Campus Assessment, Master Planning, Programming, and Stay-or-Go Analysis.
RESULT: Led to GSB relocating its campus on an accelerated schedule. 
AWARDS: LEED Registered
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