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Stanford Children's Health


Treatment capacity for an internationally renowned children’s hospital

MKThink conducted a 22-month facility assessment that inventoried and classified square footage allocations by function, documented usage, and measured occupancy and utilization. The study identified underutilized spaces and areas for non-critical functions to repurpose for medical use. Informed by these findings, MKThink devised a strategy that right- sized rooms, increased occupancy and utilization, and relocated administrative functions off-site.


DATES: 2007-2008
CITY: Stanford
STATE: California
SIZE/SCALE: 249,449 SF
MARKET: Institutional (Health)


CHALLENGE: Internationally renowned Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital had outgrown its facility and needed to increase its capacity 12% in the 15-year interim until construction of a new facility was complete.
SERVICES: Data Collection, Facilities Assessment, Scenario Modeling, Asset Management, and Facilities Planning.
RESULT: The MKThink strategy succeeded in capturing the needed 30,000 SF in capacity, increasing space for direct patient care by 19% and workspace for staff by 32% without any additional square footage.
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