Woodside Priory School


[masterslider id="59"] “A Green Performance” Performing Arts Center Portola Valley, CA 2007 Challenge How do you balance a premier private school’s desire to enhance its music and drama curriculum with a respect for its gorgeous natural setting and the sensitivities of neighbors? This top-performing college preparatory school set out to create a state-of-the-art performing arts [...]

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University of San Francisco


[masterslider id="60"] San Francisco, CA 2002-2004 Challenge In 2002, USF wanted to accommodate growth, hire new faculty, and upgrade the quality of teaching environments to elevate its overall reputation. The university planned to build 20,000 GSF of new facilities with a price tag of nearly $60 million. However, the school lacked the necessary funds. Approach [...]

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Town School for Boys


[masterslider id="61"] “Building as a Teaching Tool” San Francisco, CA In progress, open for 2014-2015 Academic Year in Fall 2014 Challenge How can an independent school optimize its physical environment as a tool to help educate for the 21st century? As the instructional tools of education advance and adapt to incorporate new technology and teaching [...]

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Stanford Law School – Crown Quad Modernization


[masterslider id="62"] Mid-century concrete structures are generally not considered to be the most flexible buildings on the planet. We don’t let that stand in our way. Robert Crown Law Library, Classrooms, Moot Court Stanford University, CA 2007 Challenge How does one transform a dated 1970’s concrete structure into a state-of-the-art research, instructional and clinic facility? [...]

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Stanford Law School


[masterslider id="63"] “Promoting Excellence in Law and Learning” William H. Neukom Building Stanford, CA 2011 Architect: Ennead Architects Associate Architect: MKThink Challenge How can a building help a school reinforce its identity and produce lawyers prepared to address today’s multi-disciplinarian problems?   Stanford Law School’s long-standing dedication to excellence in legal education has consistently earned [...]

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Stanford Graduate School of Business


[masterslider id="64"] Stanford, CA Challenge With competitive pressures from peer institutions investing in new buildings coupled with an aging infrastructure inconsistent with current pedagogies, the Graduate School of Business desired a growth strategy organized around its unique strengths and assets. As a premier business school focused on entrepreneurial thinking and individualized development, the school sought [...]

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Stanford d.School


[masterslider id="65"] Stanford University, CA 2010 Architect: Cody Anderson Wasney Interior Architect: MKThink Challenge What does it take to house three of Stanford University’s premier design-thinking groups— the Institute of Design (, the Design Group, the Center for Design Research— in world-class interdisciplinary design center?   Start with full cultural emersion, great listening skills, and [...]

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Stanford Art Building


[slideshow_deploy id='7633'] ”Their desired program is bound to exceed the space allocated by the university which is why it’s crucial to agree on overarching goals to ensure the needs of the department as a whole are met.” - E. Chloe Lauer Stanford, CA - 2009 Challenge In 2009, the Stanford University Art & Art History [...]

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Santa Clara University


[masterslider id="66"] Santa Clara, CA 2004-present Challenge This Silicon Valley institution wanted to realign several aging facilities with its forward-looking mission and ensure that its campus facility strategy dovetailed with existing academic, residential and athletic plans. Having struggled through planning processes in the past, the campus planning administrators were ready for an integrated process that [...]

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Pinewood School


[masterslider id="67"] How do you make children feel at home even when they’re at school? Simple. You make the school feel like home. Los Altos, CA 2009 Challenges Difficult site, sensitive neighborhood, heritage trees and, oh yes, a school that needed to maintain operations during construction. Approach Working closely with teachers, parents and neighbors, MKThink [...]

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