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Long Range Campus Planning & Implementation

A ‘build less solve more’ approach to campus planning paves a better, faster, greener path towards sustaining an urban university’s health


The public law school, the first in California, needed to grow its student base. But to do so, it required creative solutions to expand its capacity within a constrained, aging campus and a charged political and economic climate.


Using a systems-level approach, MKThink created a detailed qualitative and quantitative assessment of existing facilities and programs and then laid out a strategic and tactical development roadmap based on efficient and creative space planning, design guidelines, and campus and community planning. The plan focused capital initiatives around optimizing use of existing spaces through renovation and then creating thoughtful connections to new student-focused uses- academic, collaboration, parking, and residence halls in order to cohere on-campus life.


The Long-Range Development Plan has guided all renovations and new facility improvements since 2012, including new academic facilities, student residences, collaboration areas, and administration spaces. Because of the plan’s ‘build less, solve more’ approach, which focused on efficient use of space and scheduling, MKThink has helped the college divert capital funds that would have otherwise been spent on property acquisition, new construction, and debt related to delays. Since the plan was enacted, enrollment has increased by 13%.


UC College of the Law (formerly UC Hastings)


Campus Needs Assessment
Space Optimization Plan
Long Range Campus Plan
Architectural Services - Renovation


San Francisco, CA


751,000 SF built area
131,000 SF land area


Higher Education


Planning and Programming 2013
Campus Master Strategy 2014
Golden Gate Programming 2015
McAllister Architectural Services 2016-2020

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