The importance of having an inclusive approach to healthy places

Updated: May 2

StreetsBlog Usa launched a recent podcast in which two important experts talked about Inclusive Healthy Places Framework, a project that seeks to start creating inclusive healthy places for the community. Sharon Roerty, Senior Program officer at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Maki Kawaguchi, Director at Gehl Studios, talked about how to create spaces that bring dignity to every user and the importance of creating a data-driven and people-driven approach when it comes to designing new healthy places or redeveloping existing ones.

One of the key factors in the process is to engage stakeholders and the community in the planning and designing.

“In our process, we had many people engaged with the process while we were developing the Inclusive Healthy Places Framework. And when I say “many different people,” they were from all different kinds of backgrounds and professional people — planners, architects, designers, finance people, community activists, regular citizens that we pulled into the process. The thing that galvanized everyone that brought everyone together was “dignity”, says Roerty.

Kawaguchi emphasized the term ‘social coexistence’ which is a phrase commonly used by designers and planners and its meaning has to do with ‘communal dignity’, which points out that spaces should be designed to be used and livable for everyone.

“We need to rethink how we look up both people and behavior, and it’s just an awareness. And so again, I think in designing places, we need to think about social coexistence and how can we become better at that? And with that, you know, this idea of dignity for everyone comes into play, said Kamaguchi”.

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At MKThink we are also working on projects that look to involve urban design and planning by taking into consideration important matters like inclusivity. We appreciate initiatives developed by theRobert Wood Johnson FoundationGehl to promote participation and the generation of ideas to improve cities. We look forward to working in collaboration with these groups.

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