Post covid era: The six most remarkable trends in architecture for buildings and offices

Updated: May 2

It has been a year now, since the pandemic changed everything in our daily routines and ritualities. The way we use spaces, buildings and offices is different now, so that explains why new trends in design and architecture are beginning to appear. Just like any other strong event, the pandemic has marked us and made us think about new priorities in terms of interaction and cohabiting spaces.

Recently, at Bisnow's D.C. Architecture and Design Update webinar several trends were exposed:

  • Architecture is pulling design elements from hospitals and healthcare spaces into commercial properties in order to create healthier spaces.

  • Increasal of the unit sizes and adding outdoor spaces.

  • Food delivery hubs: lobbies that can handle deliveries, fully equipped even with refrigerators.

  • Flexible workspaces areas: “such as phone booths, huddle rooms and WiFi-enabled outdoor terraces that give people a variety of places to take their laptops”.

  • Antibacterial surfaces that prevent the spread of viruses: contratists and architects are demanding surfaces that can be easily sanitized.

  • Prioritizing the air filtration systems in any design or construction.

“Perkins Eastman Managing Principal Barbara Mullenex, whose firm leads a team of architects designing D.C. megaproject The Wharf, said the firm has been pulling design ideas from healthcare facilities into other product types to make spaces safer. How do you keep infections down in a cancer center?' Mullenex said. ‘It was interesting because that technology — it's not just a product, it's also about air pressure and pressurization — it really had a big impact on how we look at design of all spaces from hotels to schools’.”

As we can see, changes are evident, pandemic has forced everyone to acknowledge the importance of health and wellness when it comes to spaces. Sharing, interacting and working in proximity with other people needs to be rethought and flexible.

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