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How Lagom Är Bäst Guides the Team at MKThink

A Swedish phrase, Lagom är bäst, translates to "enough is as good as a feast," or in other words, "just the right amount is best." How does this guide the attitude of our firm?

The English language doesn't have a word or phrase that fully captures the meaning of Lagom är bäst. It's not minimalism, it's not sufficient, it's not perfect, it's Lagom, and like the MKThink goal, "Build Less, Solve More," it celebrates just enough.

MKThink developed the term "Build Less, Solve More" to focus on the possibilities of just enough and utilizing what already exists. This goal is realized through strategic framework development and adaptive reuse architecture.

What does Lagom look like?

Lagom Ar Bast, MKThink

This Scandinavian-inspired term presents design absent of fussiness and pretentiousness. With quiet confidence, each form has a function, and everything must earn its keep, nothing more and nothing less. Nothing is fancy, just built extraordinarily well.

Lagom är bäst guides the mind to realize the potential of what exists without the need for excess. In architecture, it helps reduce extra building, extra materials, and extra time and allows appreciation for simplicity and quality to bring visions and ideas to life.


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