Healthy Places: Workspace centered on employee’s health and wellbeing

Updated: May 2

ArchDaily narrates how a project called ‘Welcome, feeling at Work’ designed by Kengo Kuma & Associates with Europa Risorse is a recent trend when it comes to workplaces design and architecture. The project will take place in Milan, Italy and its development is scheduled for 2024. The biophilic office seeks to be a workspace centered around the integration of the local environment to the offices and by doing so, supporting employee health and wellbeing.

“Biophilic architecture: living with, and in nature. Welcome, feeling at work, is designed with organic, natural elements that appeals to our senses and tendency to find comfort and inspiration to the natural settings. Architecture space fully integrated living plants and greenery, composed with organic materials. […] Biophilic urban living; give life back to the city. It is to be the New Gate, green architectural intervention reestablishing the urban axis, enriching urban space quality, enhancing public activity of the area. -- Yuki Ikeguchi, partner in charge of designing the project for Kengo Kuma and Associates”.

The project will integrate a mixed use intervention of meeting rooms, co-working premises, auditoriums, offices, shops, restaurants, supermarkets and wellness areas. “The green infrastructure comprises the Piazza, packed with vegetation and surrounded by soft rolling hills; the open-air courtyards, dedicated to informal work and meetings; the Terraces, designed as extensions of the outside spaces; and the Greenhouses, special workplaces that can also be used for entertainment”.

At MKThink we are also looking at how places can adapt to our evolving needs over time and how those spaces are designed considering factors such as sustainability, wellbeing and safety. We think too often environments are designed to be equally unsatisfying (average) for everyone, versus leaning into the variation inherent in people's preferences and designing for those unique variations. To learn more, drop us a note.

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